Jazzy Bivar-Smith

Jazzy (Jasmine) Bivar-Smith is a vibrant and invigorating leader committed to connection and community growth, especially in her hometown. Since moving back to Tulsa in 2022, Jazzy has been committed to serving her community, largely in North and West Tulsa. Jazzy’s lived experiences include two decades of organizational experience–8 years in corporate talent and organizational development and more than 12 years leading front-line employees in the culinary industry, being unhoused as a teen, a young mom and community organizer.

Jazzy enjoys sharing her ‘mustard seed’ philosophy with folks of all backgrounds and being a sounding board for all humans, including those marginalized, or with societal privilege, social capital etc. Being inclusive to ‘all’ is core to her humanity. Recently married, Jazzy lives in North Tulsa with her husband, Omar and their 3 animal children. Though she is excited to have more, both of her human children are adults.