Curcio Smith, Collaborative Action Network Specialist

While serving as the Outreach and Admission Counselor at Tulsa Job Corps, he had the opportunity to establish relationships with the community, schools, and various social organizations to promote educational and vocational training.  Also, while working as the Contract Career Advisor at Gary Job Corps in Houston, Curcio was able to effectively guide over 50% of the students on his caseload towards their desired vocation.

Most recently, he has worked as Business Service Liaison for Workforce Tulsa. During this time Curcio was able to train, mentor, and establish partnerships with local businesses in the Tulsa and surrounding areas to connect job-ready talent with in-demand occupations.

Curcio received his BA in Human Services at Ottawa University, with an emphasis in Children and Family Services. He continues to dedicate most of his time serving at-risk youth and adults residing in lower socioeconomic communities. He is involved with various non-profit organizations across Tulsa. In his free time, Curcio loves traveling and spending time with friends and family.