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ImpactTulsa Revamps Training & Development Plan for Partners

Through a strategic planning process, ImpactTulsa had the opportunity to reassess the value and purpose of programming offered in alignment to our mission to “use data to drive systemic change through convening community sectors with the shared vision that all children in Tulsa deserve every opportunity to succeed.” Ultimately this provided us with space to re-align our training offerings to our theory of action and allowed us to more strategically assess which training made the most sense to offer to partners.

Ultimately, we offer training with the intention of bolstering partner capacity to engage in systems change work. In other words, we want to help support more people in our community to have the awareness, skills and connections to make changes that disrupt the disparities that Tulsa area families and students face related to cradle to career outcomes. 

We believe this takes building technical and adaptive skills in 4 distinct but related areas: equity, results count, continuous improvement and human-centered design.  These areas align to the Strive Together collaborative action framework. Thus over the next 12 months, we will be supporting training that falls into each of these categories. 

One thing that stayed constant throughout the process was the desire to not make assumptions about what our community needs and wants related to training that builds capacity for systems change. Thus, in January 2023, we opened our annual partner survey to guide our program selection. Individuals from over 50 partner organizations participated in the survey. We appreciate everyone who took time to participate as it helped not only prioritize training topics for this year, but also enlightened us on logistical needs as well.

ImpactTulsa believes heavily in collaboration thus we wanted to share key highlights from the survey feedback that may be beneficial to other local partners who offer training. Of the respondents who represented 51 unique organizations, participants indicated the following preferences.

Days of Week Tuesday- Thursday
Time of Day Morning and Early Afternoon
Time of Year July/August, Feb/April, Oct/Nov

We recognize that creating programming that is driven by community needs requires ongoing communication that centers on evolving needs and desires. Thus, if you did not get a chance to participate in the survey, but would like your organization’s needs to be factored into future training offerings, please feel free to complete this survey.

In addition to ongoing survey feedback, we also intend to meet with current and future partners to continue to stay in tune with evolving needs. We will also be intentional about including youth and parents training and development needs in the future as well. If you have any questions or ideas related to professional development that would help you and/or your team engage in disrupting systemic inequities, please feel free to contact us at

ImpactTulsa provides comprehensive training programs and workshops to partner institutions to help them uncover the root causes of various inequities and ignite systemic change.

CLI Professionals Group

ImpactTulsa is proud to partner with Asemio, CAP Tulsa, City Year, and Youth Services of Tulsa in inviting partners to join a new professional group for those working in continuous learning and improvement (CLI).


Learning and Improving for Transformation

Learning and Improving for Transformation (LIFT) is an ImpactTulsa coaching service that teaches Continuous Learning and Improvement (CLI) best practices to organizations in an individualized manner that allows them to learn and apply CLI to the real-time problems they are facing.


School District

ImpactTulsa aids school districts’ fight against ongoing difficulties, such as chronic absenteeism, through targeted continuous learning and improvement (CLI) training sessions and events.


Results Based Facilitation

Results Based Facilitation (RBF) is an approach to designing, participating in, and facilitating meetings to get results. The RBF approach helps groups move from talk to action by focusing on meeting results and by developing an accountability framework for action commitments. There are a total of six competencies built into the framework. All six competencies are covered over the course of the two-part training.


Community Journey Mapping

ImpactTulsa in partnership with Pono Pursuit – Equity Studios offers a workshop for participants to bring their lived experiences to learn and co-develop a working narrative for our community. By having a joint narrative and understanding of where we’ve come from, we can effectively work together to improve outcomes from cradle to career. This practice can be replicated across communities, teams, and groups for shared understanding, collective visioning and planning.


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