With its second Community Impact Report release scheduled for November 4th, ImpactTulsa’s CEO responds to A-F Report

ImpactTulsa, a community partnership impacting over 170,000 students, will issue its second community report November 4 highlighting the opportunities and bright spots in Tulsa area education. ImpactTulsa and its over 200 partners use data to shine a flashlight on best education practices and help align resources to scale what is working in our community.


“I share Dr. Gist and Superintendent Hofmeister’s concern with the A-F system. The system does not educate communities how to increase student success outcomes. It simply serves as an inaccurate snapshot that continues to mislead the community at large and frustrates educators,” said Kathy Taylor, CEO of ImpactTulsa. “Our data actually shows that some schools rated poorly in A-F are doing the best with our most high need populations in the area of early literacy.”


“Our focus should not be using data as a hammer with an artificial ranking, but instead using relevant data as a flashlight that guides practice. If there is any failure in education, it’s not our kids or educators. It’s the failure to adequately fund a public education system that is our best statewide economic development asset.”