Virtual Training for Continuous Learning and Improvement 101, 201 Available at No Cost 

Continuous Learning and Improvement (CLI) is an approach to improvement by which a team uses data to refine a problem, sets goals, and implements small tests of change to identify practices that are successful and can be scaled to a larger scope. CLI is often managed by an improvement team and is an iterative, intentionally designed approach to incremental change. These trainings provide access to tools that help with organized problem identification, root cause analysis and data driven solutions. Overall, they help teams build their capacity to identify variabilities in outcomes and  integrate community authority to create solutions that help overcome inequities.


 Participant Feedback

Over 200 Tulsa area participants have completed the training. Here’s insight they shared about the CLI workshops and how they plan to apply what they learned.


Session Feedback Plans for how to apply CLI
“This training gave me universal tools that can help me in all my fields of work- in building productive relationships with teachers, school managers, students, volunteers and student’s parents. Thank you!”

“What I appreciate most about CLI is that it has provided me with tools and structures to take risk and try innovations at a micro level. Rather than focusing solely on long-term outcomes, CLI allows for deeper consideration of our practices, which allow me to adapt more fluidly to changing conditions and new information.

  • Planning with Covid 19 restrictions
  • Hiring process
  • I plan on using the training information to address attendance issues, but also am excited to use the information and tools to help address new problems that arise during distance learning.
  • Working on a new book distribution system for students that first identifies m what works and does not work to improve the system for families
  • Forming a team of parents/students that I can trust to give me honest feedback about course attendance


Are you or your organization looking to embark upon strategic planning, problem solving or equitable systems change? If so, these sessions may be a great opportunity for you.


CLI 101: This 90 minute workshop is designed for team members across all levels who are interested in understanding the fundamentals of continuous learning & improvement. Participants can expect to leave the workshop with the ability to do the following:

  • Understand the value CLI can bring to an organization and to a community
  • Identify key components of the CLI cycle
  • Learn the basic data tools and processes needed for continuous learning & improvement 


CLI 201: This 3.5 hour workshop helps move participants from understanding the CLI process, to knowing how to use the tools that guide the CLI process. This workshop is designed for team members that are interested in helping integrate CLI into their organization. Please note, completion of CLI 101 is required prior to participating in CLI 201.  Participants can expect to leave the workshop with the ability to do the following:

  • Understand key tools that support each step of the CLI cycle
  • Know how to adapt the process to real problems your organization is facing
  • Become familiar with how data is used to identify and refine a problem and used to test and assess interventions. 

For session dates and to register for either workshop, please click here

Please note, all workshops are interactive. Thus, please be prepared to contribute to group discussion, as well as participate in activities that will help enhance the learning process. If the opportunity arises to hold in-person workshops, participants will be notified in advance of the change.