ImpactTulsa Presents LIFT at Carnegie Summit

Recently, one of ImpactTulsa’s Research and Analytics Data Analysts, Julian Himes, attended the Carnegie Summit in NYC to highlight work with LIFT (Learning and Improvement for Transformation). Julian served as the data coach on the team, as well as general conference attendee. He created a poster to frame the pilot phase of LIFT. 

The phases of LIFT are

1: Goals and Partner Selection, 

2: Program Design and Data Gathering, 

3: Adaptive and Technical Challenges, 

4: Continuity and Lessons Learned 

The poster detailed opportunities and challenges, lessons learned, and helpful tools for the process.

How might people engage with this helpful poster?

As a general lesson: the idea that facilitating pilot phases of a project is valuable to capture learnings and willingness to grow and improve. Specific learnings from this project include: 

  • Having a “point person” or program representative at the partner organization really helped with project momentum, so it wasn’t just us getting the team motivated to meet and work. 
  • Having good documentation and summary materials of the project help with knowledge handoff, especially in the event of any staff turnover.

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