My Brother’s Keeper Tulsa and Local Nonprofits work together to Empower Youth and Transform Outcomes

MBK Tulsa is ensuring positive outcomes for boys and young men of color (BYMOC) – specifically in the areas of education, workforce development, and safety. MBK works with local organizations to meet boys and young men where they are, equipping them with the tools, resources, and support needed to thrive. A key element of that support comes through mentorship. Evidence shows that mentorship relationships can support youth of color in academics, social-emotional well-being, and mental health. 

An exciting new initiative of MBK Tulsa is the MBK Sports initiative which leverages the power of sports to incentivize student-athletes to perform off the field as well as they do on the field. This transformative mentorship program empowers young athletes and fosters academic excellence while promoting personal development and post-secondary readiness. 

One of our MBK Sports mentors, Juyuan “Juan” Perry, reflected that “The initiative allows young athletes access to resources that can help them become whatever they want to be, while also having the opportunity to see men that look like them that are successful.” Working with mentors with whom our youth can identify, both on and off the court/field, helps to create rhythms and patterns of practice that help lead to better outcomes. Juan also shared that through mentorship, MBK Tulsa connects young men with a positive male role model who has been in their shoes, cares, and wants to see them succeed.

Working With the Community, For the Community

MBK Tulsa believes that true community impact is achieved through the collective effort of individuals, organizations, and the community. By forging partnerships with the local school district, businesses, and other nonprofits such as 100 Black Men of Tulsa, Men of Monroe, CHAMPS Male Mentoring, and Black Men in White Coats, MBK Tulsa is creating a support network that ensures the success of their students. This collaborative approach fosters a deep sense of community, where everyone is invested in the success and well-being of Tulsa youth.

Let us take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the vital work being done by some of the organizations in Tulsa to shift outcomes for our boys and young men of color. 

100 Black Men of Tulsa seeks to serve as a beacon of leadership by utilizing diverse talents to create environments where children of color are motivated to achieve and to empower Black men and women to become self-sufficient shareholders in the economic and social fabric of Tulsa. Through their mentorship program, the 100 pair seasoned Black leaders with emerging ones, cultivating an environment where transformation happens.

Men of Monroe, a volunteer program launched by Monroe Demonstration Academy, brings men onto campus during the school day to help in a variety of roles, including greeting students as they enter the building each morning, helping direct foot traffic in the cafeteria and hallways, working with individual students through Monroe’s Reading Buddies program and by being available to be a listening ear for a student. 

CHAMPS Male Mentoring works in partnership with Tulsa Public Schools to customize a unique experience in order to provide a safe and consistent environment for youth to engage in culturally relevant conversations while exploring their own identity and history and developing their social-emotional capacities. The CHAMPS SEL Curriculum encourages participants to strengthen their core social-emotional competencies (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making), and to catalyze the growth and development of student’s identity through their 3E’s: Education, Empowerment, and Exposure.

Youth Medical Mentoring (YKK) works to increase and sustain the representation of underrepresented youth along each critical checkpoint of the medical and allied health professional career pipeline. As an extension of Black Men in White Coats in Oklahoma, YKK advocates for more professionals of color through strategic community programming, professional development, mentorship, and institutional consulting. YMM includes and prioritizes black males as one of their core focuses. 

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