Students Embrace New Horizons Through MBK Tulsa Incentive Trips

MBK Sports has initiated an enriching opportunity for Tulsa students, integrating essential lessons through exposure, community service, and post-secondary planning through a series of incentivized trips. An initiative of MBK Tulsa, MBK Sports, was created to empower students of color through mentorship, sports, and community engagement while also incentivizing academic success.

Students from Monroe Demonstration School, Central High School, and McLain High School have joined MBK Sports on these trips as a reward for showing progress in their behavior, academic performance, and attendance. A survey of participants has shown that over 90% of students were motivated by MBK trips to perform better in school and at home. 

Exposure to New Experiences

The trips are designed to broaden students’ horizons, exposing them to new environments and possibilities beyond their local communities. A recent trip took students to Oklahoma City, where they volunteered at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. This experience allowed them to contribute to a significant cause and understand the impact of community service on a larger scale. 93% of students who attended said the experience increased their interest and desire to volunteer in their local communities. The day concluded with the students attending an Oklahoma City Thunder game, providing a well-rounded experience combining service and entertainment. 

Connecting with Role Models

Another noteworthy trip involved visiting the Dallas Cowboys Headquarters and practice facility in Dallas, TX. This visit was particularly impactful as students met with current and former players, including the legendary five-time NFL Super Bowl winner Charles Haley. Engaging with successful sports figures offered the students a chance to meet relatable role models and gain insights into professional sports careers, reinforcing that hard work and dedication can pave the way to achieving great heights.  

Planning for the Future

Post-secondary planning is also a core tenet of this initiative. Upperclassmen from Central and McLain High Schools had the opportunity to tour and submit applications to Tulsa Community College. These visits aimed to make the college concept more tangible, encouraging students to consider various educational pathways and careers. By interacting directly with college environments and understanding the application process, students could visualize themselves as future college students, which is crucial in making post-secondary education more obtainable.

How These Experiences Make a Difference

These incentive trips by MBK Sports serve multiple vital purposes. Firstly, they reward and motivate students for their positive strides in academics and personal development. Secondly, they provide practical experiences and exposure that are often unavailable within the confines of a classroom. By stepping outside their usual surroundings, students can see the direct application of their studies and behaviors in real-world settings.

Moreover, these trips emphasize the importance of community service, showing students that their actions can positively affect others. This instills a sense of responsibility and a desire to contribute meaningfully to society. Finally, by planning for life after high school early, students are better prepared to take on the challenges of higher education and career planning.

MBK Sports is committed to fostering an environment where students aim for academic and behavioral excellence and engage deeply with their communities and future possibilities. These incentive trips are just one of the many initiatives that help achieve this goal, ensuring students are well-equipped to thrive in all aspects of their lives.