918 Educate

Reaching for Higher Education


The 918 Educate Collaborative Action Network is a community partnership dedicated to increasing high school completion and postsecondary enrollment for individuals in the Tulsa region.

Initially started by the Tulsa Regional Chamber, 918 Educate brings together partners from business, faith, and philanthropic communities in a shared mission to identify and remove barriers to degree completion.

The ultimate goal of the 918 Educate is to create a Tulsa where all students can clearly see their professional pathways, know how to pursue those pathways, and are unencumbered in that pursuit.

Focus Areas

Racial Equity
Eliminating Disparities
Improving Economic Mobility

Join the Network

Together we can build strategies and strengthen the policies that support professional mobility, and eliminate the practices that impede historically underrepresented groups from accessing higher education.

If you resonate with our objectives and want to join the 918 Educate Collaborative Network, please email us at or drop us a line on our contact page.