Training Description

Results Based Facilitation (RBF) is an approach to designing, participating in, and facilitating meetings to get results. The RBF approach helps groups move from talk to action by focusing on meeting results and by developing an accountability framework for action commitments. There are a total of six competencies built into the framework. Competencies 1-5 are covered over the course of the two part training which consists of 4 days total.

Training Results

Throughout the training, participants can expect to:

  • Learn and reflect on individual internalization of competencies 1-5
  • Engage in interactive team activities and live coaching to support application of key learnings
  • Use a self-assessment tool to create an individual development plan to support continued development and application of RBF tools

Feedback from Previous Participants

How has using those skills changed the outcomes of your meetings?

  • My meetings stay more on target and topic, to-dos are better identified and completed, and feedback is more focused, professional, and fair
  • Keeps us on track and ensures we reach desired results


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