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CLI Professionals Group

Collaborating on Continuous Learning and Improvement


In December 2020, ImpactTulsa proudly partnered with Asemio, CAP Tulsa, City Year and Youth Services of Tulsa to create a peer learning group focused on continuous learning and improvement (CLI). We collectively launched the CLI Professional Group which is a network that meets bi-monthly to bring together folks who integrate CLI into their day-to-day activities. During meetings, there is opportunity to engage in peer consultancies to collaborate on the challenges that arise during implementation of continuous improvement.

Further, we also specifically aim to cultivate conversation on how continuous learning and improvement can be used as a tool to disrupt systemic inequities. Thus, this shapes many of our discussions and resource sharing.

ImpactTulsa is invested in this network because we think it is an accessible and meaningful way to support application of continuous learning and improvement across our partners. We also think it helps bridge continuous improvement with systems change to disrupt inequities.

How It Works

Who should join?

Anyone in the Tulsa region who uses continuous learning and improvement as a tool for positive change is welcome. There is a wide range of expertise across our members- some folks are brand new to continuous improvement and some have years of experience. All are welcome! If you have run into a challenge using continuous improvement or if you are curious how others have used continuous improvement, this is a great place to find knowledgeable thought partners. 

How often does the group meet?

The group typically meets bi-monthly. If you would like to register, please email

Who leads the group?

The planning committee is composed of representatives from multiple organizations who intentionally work to co-lead the space to ensure it meets the needs of a multitude of perspectives. This group is responsible for designing and implementing meetings including  identifying guest speakers and facilitating meetings. If you would like to learn more about joining the planning committee, please email Angel at

Are there any fees?

In order to promote an inclusive environment, there are no member fees or costs to attend meetings.

Current Planning Committee Members

Angel Webb, Impact Tulsa

Hollis McAllister, City Year

Jasmine Aaenson-Fletcher, University of Oklahoma

Molly Farley, Parent Child Center Tulsa

Rachel Wolfe, Sunrise Consulting

Shameca Brown Harrison, SKB Integrated Health Systems

Tia Waldrop, Rise Consulting, LLC

Tania Garza, Tulsa Remote

Former Planning Committee Members

Aaron Bean

Amy Shepherd

Curcio Smith

Kara Hader

Lauren King

Lauren Thiesse

Lindsey Shields

Tania Pryce

Vanessa Dinh-Nguyen

Wilmon Brown

Join the Group

ImpactTulsa invites partners in the Tulsa area from the education and social service (either public or private) who implement CLI as part of their jobs to join the CLI Professional Group!

While members are not expected to be experts in continuous improvement, the group is designed for experienced partners who have participated in or led at least one CLI project.

Upcoming Sessions

May 8th, 2024 @ 10:00 am “Continuous Learning and Improvement (CLI) Workshop”

Register Here


If you have any questions or need additional information, please email

What Our Members Have to Say

“I value CLI because it is part of being a responsible steward of donated funds. Doing social good work means always trying to do more with less. Without CLI, we tend to do things because “that’s how we did it last year.” With CLI, we have a framework for improving all processes, from client-facing program delivery to internal administrative work.

I am part of the Continuous Learning and Improvement Professionals group because I want to continue growing in my ability to help organizations complete CLI projects and share wins in the CLI space across the community so that others can learn from the successes of their peer organizations.”

~Rachel Wolfe, Sunrise Consulting Company


“I am thrilled to be part of a group that prioritizes and creates space to build capacity to improve processes, services, and systems. Through participation in the CLI Professionals Group, I have the opportunity to engage with others committed to doing this work and learn new skills and approaches for implementing CLI activities. It’s wonderful to have a group of trusted professionals to bounce ideas off of and support each other in our effort to continually advance the service network in Tulsa.”

~Tania Pryce, Asemio

“Presenting to the CLI Professional Group felt daunting, especially as I still consider myself a CLI novice; however, I learned so much through the experience, both about my work and the work others are doing in our community. Creating the presentation allowed me to explore the vast use and potential of CLI tools as well as the way these tools have been adopted and adapted at CAP Tulsa. Additionally, the presentation connected me to others in our community doing similar work and asking similar questions. The CLI Planning Committee offered unbelievable support throughout the process, and I am so thankful for the opportunity!”

~Katie Wright, CAP Tulsa

“​​The peer consultant experience allowed me to gain new ideas from skilled professionals in the field that I normally wouldn’t have had the opportunity to converse with. The problem I presented was a project I had been dealing with for over a year, and it was enjoyable to get fresh unbiased opinions from outside perspectives. The process allowed for a free-flowing exchange of ideas that allowed for a structured collaborative dialogue between all participants and myself. I was able to offer answers to their questions as well as accept their possible feedback and solutions in a comfortable and non-judgmental setting. The feedback allowed me to be more confident in implementing the solutions at my agency and allowed me to experience self-growth throughout the peer consultant activity.”

~Shana Tilman, M.S., LMFT, Learning and Evaluation Manager, Youth Services of Tulsa


“The understanding I have about continuous learning and improvement has evolved so greatly since I first learned about it. Through the CLI Professional Group network, I have come to understand how adaptive you can be with this framework and how mindsets around data are important in carrying out the work. It’s exciting to know all the potential outcomes that stem from utilizing even a few tools, resources, or processes that have been shared throughout this network of practitioners.”

~Vanessa Dinh-Nguyen, Collaborative Improvement Manager, ImpactTulsa



“The CLI Professional Group has opened my network to folx in Tulsa doing great work and who truly care about their organizational missions. It’s an honor to be among so many professionals dedicated to continuously learning and improving.

~Tia Waldrop, PhD, Founder and CEO, Rise Consulting, LLC