Community Journey Mapping

“You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you’ve been.” – Maya Angelou 

ImpactTulsa in partnership with Pono Pursuit – Equity Studios offers a workshop for participants to bring their lived experiences to learn and co-develop a working narrative for our community. By having a joint narrative and understanding of where we’ve come from, we can effectively work together to improve outcomes from cradle to career. This practice can be replicated across communities, teams, and groups for shared understanding, collective visioning and planning.

Is this workshop right for me?

This workshop is designed for organizations who are leading change initiatives at the team, cross-functional, or system level in education (be it at a school district, nonprofit, government or philanthropic organization). We will engage in group work, so we recommend you joining with at least two other team members, if possible. 

What will participants do in the workshop?

  • Within teams, collectively create a historical timeline that represents key events, policies and practices that shape the current Tulsa education landscape. 
  • Learn how to use that timeline to anchor the team in deep understanding of why disparities may exist and what that means for their approach to disrupting disparities going forward.
  • Build deeper team connections as individuals share how the timeline impacts them within their person, role and system.

About the Facilitators

Pono Pursuit LLC – Equity Studios believes change is driven by healing and strengthening relationships. By examining relationships with self, with others, and with institutions and social structures they position communities to thrive while leading change.