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Learning and Improving for Transformation

Embedded Coaching for Continuous Learning and Implementation


Learning and Improving for Transformation (LIFT) is an ImpactTulsa coaching service that supports organizations to learn, apply and embed continuous improvement into their organizational culture as a mechanism to address disparities in outcomes. 

The coaching process supports the team through detecting a priority problem of practice and using the continuous improvement cycle to perform a root cause analysis that ultimately leads to identifying and testing solutions that help overcome it. Further, intentional time is devoted to identifying and developing relevant policies and practices needed to support the integration of continuous learning and improvement into the organizational culture.

The coaching blends both technical and adaptive support to ensure the team has the skills, awareness and context available to be successful in using continuous learning and improvement to address disparities in outcomes. Coaching sessions occur bi-weekly over the course of 6 to 12 months based on the partner organization’s needs.

Upon completion of the coaching process, the LIFT team can expect to have made meaningful progress on at least one problem of practice, developed or enhanced a positive data culture within their organization, and have the necessary skills, experience, and tools to integrate CLI as an ongoing component of their organizational culture, as well as use it to ignite systemic change through collaborative action networks.

Focus Areas

Equitable Outcomes
Organizational Improvement
CLI Competency

Quotes from previous LIFT participants

“The ImpactTulsa team was willing to adapt our meeting time, agenda, and outcomes to our needs, and also met with me for many hours outside of the official meeting time. I felt supported and developed as a leader and accounted a lot of my professional growth to training I learned about through this space. Even when the learning was messy, I never felt lost thanks to this team’s support.”

“I feel as if I were steered through this process and given the space to navigate the different parts through my own lens.”


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