Professional Development

School District Support

Targeted CLI Trainings Sessions


ImpactTulsa aids school districts’ fight against ongoing difficulties, such as chronic absenteeism, through targeted continuous learning and improvement (CLI) training sessions and events. The School District Support program aims to:

  • Enable school districts to use CLI tools to run small tests of change that lead to meaningful interventions to improve outcomes
  • Assist school districts enhance their data analysis capacity using dedicated processes and tools
  • Encourage meaningful action through the development of on-site implementation plans
  • Facilitate individual and staff competencies that contribute to advancing equitable policies and practices across school districts’ most vulnerable populations

Focus Areas

CLI Competency
Data Analysis
Action and Awareness
Racial Equity

Trainings and Events

ImpactTulsa’s support programs are tailored to address the needs and pain points of each school district in particular. Consequently, the activities can vary slightly, but they will always include:

  • Needs assessment sessions
  • CLI /Data 101 (90 min training)
  • CLI /Data 201 (3.5-hour training)
  • Bi-weekly meetings with the implementation team
  • Monthly cohort meetings with school leaders


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