Dan Botting, MPP, MAE

Dan Botting joined ImpactTulsa in 2018 as a part of Education Pioneers – a leadership network dedicated to creating equity in education. Prior to joining ImpactTulsa, Dan received masters in both Applied Economics and Public Policy from the Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan. He also served as a policy fellow and consultant at both the Education Trust Midwest and American Institutes for Research where he researched topics such as the Michigan’s teacher shortage and implementation of school score cards for E.S.S.A.; using local data and national comparisons to identify inequities in each and propose best practice policy as a solution.

At ImpactTulsa, Dan is responsible for creating and maintaining public facing data dashboards and serving as a data liaison with the national StriveTogether partnership. He is also the primary analyst supporting the creation and use of the Child Equity Index and predictive attendance models. Finally, he is currently serving on ImpactTulsa’s cross sector partnership to evaluate the effectiveness and equity of summer programming offered in Tulsa to curb the impact of Covid-19 on student learning.

In additional to his professional tenure, Dan serves as a Big Brother in Big Brothers Big Sisters, as an after school tutor I’m his community, and as an alumni supporting new and prospective Ed Pioneers and Ford School students.